The Six Ruling Houses of the Silver Marshes

House VonJager
Head of the House King Ulrich VonJager
Notable Others Queen Kittie VonJager, Prince William VonJager, Princess Sara VonJager, and General Daniel McArthur.
City The Silver City , home to VonJager Castle .
Description The greatest of the Ruling Houses, controls the crown, and the capital and there for the Silver Mines and the profit from those mines. General McArthur is the head of the military.

House Calabria
Head of the House Glacia Calabria
Notable Others Archmage Jaret Calabria , General Dorian Calabria, and Astrid Calabria
City Kithander
Description Controls most of the magic schools and shops in the Silver Marches, nothing magical happens here withouth the Archmage knowing about. Astrid is the head of the Weavers Circle .

House Winterheart
Head of the House Shari Winterheart
Notable Others Carmilla Winterheart, and Indis Winterheart
City Icelantica
Description Icelantica lays as your would expect by the name in the northern reaches of the Silver Marches and only the bravest of souls risks the mines higher up in the mountains about Icelantica but the Winterheart family profits from those that do.

House Delmore
Head of the House Sir Tiberius Delmore
Notable Others Dame Elenor Delmore, and Sir Jarrod Delmore
City King's Reach
Description Tiberius is the King's Champion and the head of the greatest of the Knight Orders, the Silver Hand. He controls King's Reach, the border city that any invader to the Silver Marches must past through first.

House DelCore
Head of the House Leo DelCore
Notable Others Sky DelCore
City Red Cove
Description The religious leaders of the Silver Marches, although they focus on spirituality over any one God or gods. Leo is a monk of some renown. The Red Cove is more of a temple with outlining farms then a city however.

House Dennith
Head of the House Sadran Dennith
Notable Others Captain Alexander Dennith
City Brinford
Description Brinford is the only port town in the Silver Marches, handling most of the trade and being an avid tourist spot. House Dennith is also know for it's more unhanded dealings, thieves, assassins, gambling, and female companionship.