History of the Silver Marches

Surrounded by mountains this was once thought to be nothing more then a wasteland of a valley of unexplored forest and swamp land, over run with tribes of lizardmen. That was until explorer Edger VonJager, later the first King of the Silver Marshes, found the Silver Mines… Untold riches to be had if only he could bring the land under his rule. So he built an army of men and dwarves and for 10 long years the war between the lizardmen and the king's men raged until the lizardmen were near wiped out. Now hundreds of years later the VonJager's still rule, and the lizardmen tribes are few and far between. Most of the forests have been cut down and the land settled and thanks to fine dwarven engineering many of the swamps have been drained and made into fertile farm lands.

The dwarven clans work the mines and live in the mountains, the humans divided into six ruling families that each control a portion of the Silver Marshes. A great number of the farms in the surrounding landscape are run by the hard working gnomes and halflings. There is even now elven villages in the forests that are still left. The land has become a melting pot of the races. Peace reins under the watchful eye of the ruling families.